Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Amity! How we LOVE thee! Let us count the ways!

So this is my beautiful little baby girl two years ago...

Isn't she so sweet?

And this is her now:

She turned 2 the other day, and we couldn't possibly love this girl more. She makes us so happy every day.

Mommy did a little decorating. Nothing too fancy.

And I just had to hang up all kinds of cute pictures of her, which she loved.

Her loving brother, Russell, drew her this picture for her birthday, and wrote the words himself without help. It says, "Happy birthday. To Amity From Russell." I just love the way preschoolers think about phonetics. H-a-"p" = Happy A-m-u-"d" = Amity. Forgot the "r" in "from" and used a "u". Completely makes sense, doesn't it? So sweet. I think I will save this one.

I just had to make a collage of her cheesy grins for the day. They make me laugh so hard.

A list of things that we love about Amity:

- She is such a wonderful combo of sweet, bubbly and feisty.

- When I (mom) say good night to her after tucking her in, I tell her that I love her, and she whispers, "I luv you," back to me in the sweetest little voice.

- How she greets her daddy every day when he gets home by running to him and yelling his name. She watches out the window for him.

- She loves her brother so much. I love it when she wakes up in the morning and starts to yell, "BROTHER!!!" from her crib. (She calls him brother a lot.)

- This girl toots all the time, and she thinks it is sooooo hilarious. We did NOT teach her that. We try really hard not to laugh about tooting in front of the kids...

- She is such a fast little runner. She and Russ race all the time. It is one of their favorite games to play together. (She has gotten checked into a wall or corner many times. It's kinda dangerous.) She escapes from us in church all the time, and before we can actually catch her she is out of the chapel, all the way down the hall, out one of the main doors, and on the sidewalk.

- I love her voice when she yells, "Hooray!" or "Wee-hoo!"

-Food is one of her greatest passions. Her grandpa teases that she is a hobbit because she needs a "second breakfast." She particularly loves sweets.
- How she jabbers and jabbers away on the phone with her grandparents.

- Her hair is always such a mess because she will never leave her ponytails or hairbows in for a whole day.

And so many more. We just cannot say them all.

We Love you, Amity!


Lexy @ The Proper Pinwheel said...

Yay, Mitters! Happy Birthday! We love you and your little Buddha-belly!

Little Yancey Family said...

adorable! What a cutie! Happy Birthday Mity!

Natalie and Ryan said...

I love this post. Thanks Ashley for posting some of Amity's cute birthday pictures. She is so adorable, fun, cute, and smiley. We miss you guys. We seriously need a family calendar so we can remember birthdays. Happy 2nd birthday Amity. They sure grow up way too fast!
love you guys

Jolene said...

Yea Ashley!!! Awesome birthday for Amity and we are so happy that you took pictures for memories and to share with all of us who were not able to be there.

We were so excited to share opening gifts on SKYPE! Thank you for thinking of us. Amity, you are a joy and we are so excited to see you growing up into the active young woman that you are now. What a wonderful relationship you and your brother Russell have. It is so sweet to see how you check up on each other and make sure everything is A-0k.

We love you! Happy second Birthday!!!

Grandpa Moulton, Grandma Moulton and Hayley

Tara said...

She is so cute! Happy birthday! Time goes by so fast.... I love the picture Idea too- I'm gonna steal it.

Mike, Sha, Kenna, Kate, & Garrett said...

She is a super cute girl and looks like so much fun. Happy birthday to her.

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