Saturday, May 1, 2010

Our Little Life Lately

Hello everyone. This is another post mostly of my cute kids. I have not been posting a lot of pics of Travis and I lately. Why? Well, because mostly Travis just studies and me...well, I mostly just feed my baby and clean house and well, we haven't gotten out a lot lately. I guess I have been crafting a lot lately and trying all kinds of fun new recipes and reading some cool books, but I'm saving that for my other blog. What other blog? The other blog that I'm making where I post projects I'm working on, recipes, things I learn, books that I read and love, and other things.

Anyway, here are the pics!

Mitty is getting so strong. She is starting to bat at her toys and she pushes herself up really well during tummy time as you can see here. And she also jabbers and coos a lot.

Doesn't she have such beautiful, happy eyes? Her lashes are very long too. What a pretty girl.

In this picture she was fixated on my camera and all the flashing lights.

The kids after church.

"Get me off of him!!!!!" Love Russell's cheesy smile.

Well, we did take Mitty on her first hike, so I can't say that we haven't done anything fun lately. She stared mesmerizingly at all of the nature from her little front carrier.

And I did my fair share of the work too, don't worry.

Anyway, stay tuned for more fun outings and such. It is getting very warm here, so we are just getting started in the outdoors.
And also watch for the forthcoming of my other blog. Hopefully it will be ready soon.