Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yay for Halloween!!!!!

Those of you who know me really well probably remember that I LOVE Halloween. Travis will even tell you... I checked out a Halloween idea book from the library back in August and have been plotting my Halloween festivities/decorations/food ever since!! (Travis thinks that I'm a little crazy sometimes.) So here are some things that we have been doing...

Of course, no Halloween would be complete without a little bit of pumpkin carving.

These are two of our finished products. We still have one more to do, though. Sorry if you can't see the one on the left very well. It's a skull. That one is Russell's. He picked out the design by himself. The other one is mine. Travis didn't finish his pumpkin because he was helping Russ.

Russell trying on part of my costume. I'll post pics of our costumes probably next week.

So I have been decoration up a storm. I've made a lot of my stuff. I get a lot of my ideas from I love that site. Check it out for all sorts of games/craft ideas for your kids. Plus recipes and all sorts of other stuff. This is just a standard old grapvine wreath, spray painted black with some ribbon and spiders attached.

More spiders to scare the trick-or-treaters!!!!

These two guys haunt our yard...

probably because they died and were buried right on the property. Didn't I ever tell you guys about that?

These bats were a great project for Russell and I to do together. As a teacher I am always thinking about what I can do to prep Russell for school, and one thing is to work on his fine-motor skills. You know...cutting, gluing, coloring, writing. These are skills that they really hit hard in preschool and kindergarten. Russell did most of the gluing for these bats.

The fun thing is, they have clothes pins on the back, so you can hang them almost anywhere. I will probably make more next year.

And we made these cute pumpkins out of an egg carton. He did most of the painting and helped me stick the stems through.

I bought this cool cylinder vase at Walmart to fill with all kinds of things as a centerpeice for my table or counter.

Then we added a spray-painted branch to make a tree. Then of course we added all sorts of horrible things to the branches...rats, spiders, skeletons...MUUU HAAA HAAAAA!!!

I made this ghost curtain pull-back out of felt and hot glue.
So sorry for all the pics of my you can tell, we had a lot of fun. One of these days when we have our own house, I'm going to be known as the creepy lady down the street whose house is scary to trick-or-treat at. It's a dream of mine...

Russ being silly with his Halloween party stuff. We got to go back to Idaho and have a party with my fam. So much fun!!!!

Halloween sugar cookies!!!

Mmmmmmmm! In addition to these, I try to do a Halloween themed meal once a week. Ya claws with eyeball salad. Stuff like that.

Now to add to the list of what has been going on...I have been getting progressively fatter. Here I am at 25ish weeks. How am I ever going to make it through Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas without gaining about a million pounds?!!?
Oh, and by the way...we think we know what we are going to name the kid, but I'm not quite ready to tell yet. Maybe next time.