Friday, August 13, 2010

We are BACK in the blogging world!

So, I'm just doing all my catching up at once, so scroll down to see all my new posts.

(and you can stop complaining now, Amy!)

Well, we left our beloved Yakima and moved A LOT closer to home. We sure do miss our wonderful ward, our friends, and all of the delicious fruit, but it is so nice to be closer to family.

I've had lots of people wonder why I have not announced where we moved to on this blog...SERIOUSLY, people!!! Haven't you ever watched any documenaries on serial killers?! They are watching you when you least expect it, like right NOW!!! You have to be on your guard at all times!

Let's just say, I am pretty darn close to home, where ever that may be.

A family picture a week or so before moving.

Spending time with our good buddies, the Lichfields. Saying goodbye to them was the hardest part of all.

My best chum, Kathy.

Grant was like a brother to him. He talks about him all the time.

The family reading a bed-time story in Yakima.

Booger bubbles!!!

After church pictures.

Now that we have moved, Travis follows doctors around pretending to be one of them. Sometimes when we are arguing he says, "Did you go to med school?" Seriously overconfident, right?
My beloved brother, Jason and I and Mitty.

Russell's cousin, Josh. Popcicles on a hot summer day...mmmmm...

Josh again.

And look who came to visit!!! Yay!!! Our goodest Yakima friends!

The beauty of a house with a nice, big backyard.
Miss you Lichfields and Yakima 2nd ward!!! Hope you are all doing well!

We love you, Great-Grandpa Ward!!!!

A sad thing happened on August 1st. My grandpa Ward passed away. I lived a couple of miles from them all growing up. It's been pretty hard. We all really miss him. It was especially hard visiting Grandma at the house the other day with him not there. His hats and work coats and overalls were still hung up all over the garage. His tools were all sitting unused in the shop. It almost seemed if I should be able to walk in and see him there.

But I know that it was right. He had a stroke a few months ago, and his health had been deteriorating since then. I will say that he lived a very full life. It's not like he has been laid up for years. I'm sure that is how he wanted it to be.

It has been hitting me lately that there are not many men like Grandpa left. He was a farming man. A very hard-working, don't come in till dark, farming man with wiry muscles and strong hands, not from lifting weights. Just from working hard on the farm. Those are the kind of men that I was surrounded by as I grew up. A lot of the men that you see around today just don't measure up.

Favorite Memories:

Grandpa used to tease us by letting us stick our fingers near his mouth so he could growl and try to bite them. He also used to get a kick out of our squealing when he made his teeth fall out.

When he sealed Travis and I, he was so sweet and emotional. I often saw him tear up the last few years. He was very close to the spirit.

Till we meet again, Grandpa!!

My! Look how they've grown!!

Russell and Amity. Two peas in a pod!


Amity sits up by herself. (If you put her in that position.)

Amity explores at the lake. She loves the water! And this is even cold IDAHO water.

Eye of the Tiger, Russ.

Bob and Jolene! Close your eyes!!!! Russell rock climbs.

What a cutie!

Russell has gotten into his underpants...the neighbors really appreciate it. I don't garden in my underpants.

Amity eats solid foods- with GUSTO!!! And lot's of smacking noises. Wards sure love to eat!
Russell's first dance with a girl at the church picnic. That's his friend, Zora. They've had a long-running romance.

Amity thinks Russell is soooooooo funny!!

What a looker!

Watch out! She spits!

Amity: Muscle woman!!! She does this all day long. Jillian Michaels, eat your heart out!

Just chillin'.

Amity has been scooting/crawling in little circles for about a month now. We are still waiting for her to just go for it and get some real distance.

Oh, how I love my husky little girl. Definitely not a dainty little thing.

Getting ready to go from tummy to bum all by herself.

Oops! Fell over!

Amity is usually very good natured. But she can still get pretty mad sometimes.