Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hi everyone!! I thought it would be nice to show everyone where we moved off to. Here are some pictures of our home. Be aware that it is not fully decorated, and that there is much more to do, but we are poor college students, and we can't afford to get all the stuff we want for our house.

We really love it here so far. The weather is nice. The people are nice...except for the gangsters that spray paint all over people's stuff. We are going camping for the first time this weekend with our new friends. Yay!!

Love y'all!!!

This is our little house. We love it.

Hi, Travis!!

It has two large bathrooms. And a really big living room.

Here is Russell's room. He dumped all his books off the shelf. Here is our bedroom. We just painted our bedframe.

Here is Russ just waking up from a nap. Isn't he sweet?

This is our big kitchen.

It has a HUGE bar that I love. We just need to get bar stools. Our washer and dryer are in the closet at the side of the table. I know that our kitchen table is not centered on the window, but if we center it, we have a hard time opening our fridge door.

Another living room shot. In the back we have sliding glass doors going out to our little porch and yard.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Russ with Auntie Hayley and Lester, the creepy
talking puppet that Russell made friends with
this summer.

Summer-Time Craziness

Okay...This summer has gone by in a blurr. It started off on May 31 when I had to say farewell to my beloved second graders. This was a hard time for me. Directly after school, I went home and helped Travis load a trailer with all of our stuff so that we could move back home with my mom and dad. Yay!! We lived with my parents for two months. Travis worked on the farm with my dad, and Russell enjoyed bonding with grandma and grandpa. I helped my mom "declutter" her house. (AKA forcing her to take trunk loads of stuff to the dump and D.I.) Then a couple of weeks ago, Travis power-hosed the cow manure out of my dad's trailer, and we packed up our stuff once again to move far far away to Washington for Travis to finish school. I had to say goodbye to my family, which was another very difficult thing for me to do. Now we are once again making our own way in this cold, cruel world. (sigh) Anyway, here are some pics from this summer so you can see how much fun we have had.

Russell wrestling with daddy. Yes, he is wearing an authentic vintage wrestling singlet that we found in my mom's basement.

Russell and Gramps eating Frosted Mini-Spooners. This was a daily bonding time for them. He won't eat them now that Grandpa isn't here to feed them to him. Russell learning to use a spoon.

Watching trucks go by with Grandma. Going down the slide. The water is too cold!

Russell's diaper about to explode with lake water. Russell eating a fudgecicle.

Mommy and Russ sleeping after the fireworks. It was WAY past our bedtime!! Farmer Russell!

Saying goodbye to grandpa and grandma Moulton. WE LOVE YOU!! Russ with Grandma and his new cuz, Annaleisha.