Friday, September 19, 2008

Domestic Diva

So since I live in the land of fruit, I've busied myself with canning and freezing all that I can. I have canned peaches, made frozen fruit cocktail, frozen bags of apple and peach pie filling, and dried apples! I know. I know. You are all amazed. Here are the fruits of my labor.

This is my freezer. All that on the right is frozen fruit goods that will last us for a year...hopefully. When people try my fruit cocktail, they always beg for more, so it might not last that long.

This is my "little baker" in his new apron helping me peel apples to dry them in a dehydrator I borrowed. What a cutie!

Russ and I having fun. I am the least photogenic person I know. Here is a sample of that with my flaring nostrils.

And this is a beautiful double-crusted peach pie that I baked all by myself!! I was so proud because the crust turned out just wonderfully.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Our Adventures

So...we found someone in our ward to go climbing with, and he knows all the routes. Don't worry. Russ was safely at a babysitters, and we took every safety precaution possible. We went to a place that supposedly has a lot of rattlesnakes. We saw a dead one. It was pretty scary because we thought that it was alive at first, and Travis almost put his hand right on accident.

This is Travis climbing a very difficult one! See that crack going up. At one point, Travis had both hands and feet wedged into that one crack. Very difficult!! I didn't even try this one this time because I was way too tired from the other two I climbed.

He made it up, though! Way to go, babe!

This climb was pretty hard too.

Overlooking the valley and the Tieton River.

Me on an easy climb. Peice of cake.
Can you tell that I've been working out? Please say yes, or I'll just curl up and die!

This climb was pretty hard. I had to wedge body parts into a crack in the rock so that I could shimmy up. Travis was very proud of me. He said that he even had a hard time on this one.

I made it!!! See the crack?

Ya, so all these knee bruises are from wedging my leg into that crack!!! Ouch!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Life Lessons: Part One

Do not leave a cup in the bathroom!!! who else uses a cup to rinse their child's hair in the bathtub? You know who you all are. Well, the other day I took my eye off of Russ for about 30 seconds, and he got into the bathroom. I usually have the door shut, so I wasn't too worried. Anyway, he took my rinsing cup, dipped it in the toilet, and when I came in, he was drinking a cup full of toilet water!!! AHHHHHH! I mean, he must have been very thirsty. I repeat. Don't leave a cup in the bathroom. Or at least put it up high. Or maybe make sure the bathroom door is shut.

Kitchen Fun!!

The pictures below show a day in my kitchen. I'm of course busy cooking dinner, and when I turn around this is what I see. Russ played this game for about ten minutes. He thought he was so funny. What a guy!! Too bad he couldn't fit the other leg in the pan!

Mom...I want to be a saucepan
when I grow up!!

Here I go!!

Steady! Steady!

That was AWESOME!!!!

Friends and Fun

We have made lots of new friends since moving here and have had lots of fun. We even went camping. Here are some of our shining moments.

This is Russell's new best friend, Grant. Well... maybe Russ likes Grant a little more than Grant likes Russell. Russ is always trying to put his arm around him, but Grant needs his personal space!

Russ loves his Mommy.

My new friend and exercise partner, Kathy and me. She is Grants mommy.

Rimrock lake, WA.

Throwing rocks in Rimrock Lake.

Grant and Russ...bushmen.

The family is ready to go on a hike.

...Maybe not...


The End