Monday, April 19, 2010

The Moulton Girls

Amity and I. She's mad.

Amity in her Easter dress. Isn't she so cute. And she thinks that we are so funny!

It is so easy to get this girl to smile.

And laugh.

We love our Little Mitters.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

He picked his own outfit today.

Cute, huh? The shorts are backwards too.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Family Fun

Russ, chillin' with Mitt.

So I now have to hide the bath soap. This is the second time Russ has completely emptied a bottle into the tub. But it is the first time it's made such awesome bubbles. Cute and fun...but NAUGHTY!!!

Wow...what a mess.

Primary Easter activity with friends from church.

Mitty is getting so strong. We practice tummy time every day.

Russell's montster truck cake. He turned 3 recently. This was his cake request. Yes, the wheels are made of donuts.

Aunt Hayley got him a golf set for his birthday. He loves it. Just look at that form!! (Kidding. I really don't know anything about golf form.)
Hey, I may look recovered, but I'm not. It's going to take years for me to recover from the emotional and physical trauma of this last pregnancy/birth. Seriously!!

Russ celebrating his birthday with his cousin, Tyson. They have very close birthdays, and we got to visit our families in Idaho for Amity's blessing.

K, so Russ put this bandaid on his head all by himself because he bonked his head, and a bandaid fixes everything, right? Well, he wouldn't take it off for probably three days. Finally, Travis convinced him that his forehead was all better.

She's a sleepyhead.

Flashback! First Sunday that Amity went to church. It was actually a while ago.

She's grown out of this dress already. What can I say? I've got really creamy milk.


Isn't she just beautiful? We just love her so much!!

This picture was actually taken quite a while ago. You can tell that she is skinnier.

In her blessing dress. You can tell she has chubbed up a lot!

She loves that binky!!