Saturday, October 25, 2008

October FUN!!

So, a lot has been happening lately as we have been preparing for HALLOWEEN!!! We love October!!!

We carved pumpkins!! Sorry, we did not get any good pictures of them yet. Russ thought the seeds were kind of gross. He kept trying to wipe off his hands.

For some reason, Russell would not eat his turkey and vegetables this day unless they had whipped cream on them! STINKER!! (I usually would have said no to this, but I was being a softie.)

Well, I turned 25 on the 22nd. It was very depressing. I feel very old like I'm going to croak any minute. I asked for pumpkin pie instead of a cake.

My wonderful husband, Travis, got me some awesome presents. This new duvet cover, and these cool Puma shoes. Love 'em!! And these pictures are presented to you by my inlaws who got me this new camera!! Thanks Moulton Fam!!

We went to our ward Halloween party on the 26th. It was so much fun. I went as a deranged plumber, Travis went as a deranged redneck, and Russ went as a pumpkin. Here we are! What a special little family. The ward sure is glad we moved in!!

I know. Creepy, huh? People in our ward hardly recognized us. The whole thing kinda freaked Russell out. Someone in our ward dressed up as Sarah Palin, so I went up to her, shook her hand, and said, "Hi, I'm Joe the plumber." (Of course I said this in a really creepy voice and stuck my teeth out.) She said, "Nice to finally meet you, Joe." So I said, "Ya, know. My taxes are so high I can't afford dental insurance and look what happened to my teeth. You'd better get to work." It was great fun.

Russ hit the mother load at the trunker-treat!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

All right. I was tagged by my dear, sweet friend, Kathy. So here goes...

5 Favorite Places I've Lived:

(I've only ever lived in 5 places.)

1. Coltman, Idaho (outside of Idaho Falls), lovely farm community
2. Rexburg, Idaho (Tough Idahoans like me flourish in the cold weather.)
3. Provo, Utah (Go BYU!! We lived right across from the stadium and went to every game.)
4. Pleasant Grove, Utah (A land of many deer. They were in our back yard all the time.)
5. Yakima, Washington (A very fruity place.)

I have loved every place that I have lived for different reasons.

5 Favorite Snacks That I Love:

1. fresh fruit...especially peaches!!
2. green peppers dipped in ranch
3. apples or bananas dipped in peanut butter
4. ice cream!! (pranlines and caramel or oreo or mint choc. chip)
5. oreos

5 Jobs That I Have Had:

(I have had some of the WORST jobs on the planet!!)

1. assembly line worker (I tighted caps on lotion bottles for almost 8 hours straight!)
2. phone survey taker (At 3 separate places...Let's say a lot of people chewed me out.)
3. farm laborer (Thanks, dad! I actually enjoyed this job!)
4. waitress at Pizza Hut
5. TEACHER!!!! Yay!!

If I Had A Million Dollars I Would:

1. invest it wisely so that it would take care of my family and me for the rest of our lives.
2. travel with Travie Wavie and Russy Roo. (We'd leave the kid home sometimes.)
3. save up for the home of my dreams. (Not too extravigant, mind you...but definately nice.)
4. buy a very nice wardrobe for me and a truck for Travis.
5. donate to one of those programs that takes care of orphaned and sick kids in 3rd world countries. (Those info-mercials break my heart!!! I always cry!!)

Things That I Love:

1. my family and friends
2. sports, recreation, and exercise (especially soccer)
3. crisp, cool weather, autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving
4. reading a good book
5. good food

I Tag:

1. Amy Ward
2. Natalie Moulton
3.Heather Hawkins

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Toys for Russy-Roo and Other Updates

I got a calling everyone! I am the new primary pianist!!!! It's a good thing Travis got me that keyboard last year for Christmas. I know. I know. You are all thinking about how I am not the best piano player and an even worse practicer. Your accusations are all true. But there are only about three people in our entire ward who play the piano, and they were desperate. I figure that primary is a good place to start getting over my fear of playing in front of people. This will probably be the hardest calling that I've had so far. Pray, family and dear friends. Pray.

I have also become the vice president of the medical schools spouses and significant others association. We plan all kinds of activities and fund raisers and service projects. I am also the chairsperson of the book club. Yay!!

Travis is a senate member of student councel, and he is in charge of intramurels (typical) and is also a communication channel between students and staff when it comes to rotations and residencies.

Travis and I play on an indoor soccer league every Wednesday. Fun! Fun!!

Travis is about to get a new calling too, but I won't tell what it is until next week!

Here are some new pics.

So last night I was browsing on Craigslist, and I found a killer deal. I've been looking everyday for a while now because I wanted some fun outdoor toys for Russ. Well, I found what I was looking for and more!! This really nice family was selling both of these for a price that I normally found for just one toy.

And then the family threw these in for free just because they are nice. They even drove it to our house in their truck. How sweet are they!! Russell and I are ecstatic. Now he will have plenty of stuff to occupy his attention in the back yard.

P.S. Don't you love his faux hawk?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fall in Yakima

Sorry that it has been so long. We haven't taken many pictures as of late. The fall weather in Yakima is wonderful. It's got that perfectly fresh chill in the air without being freezing. My friend Kathy and I are still working out each morning in the chilly air.

This is a picture taken of us at Travis's white coat ceremony. The white coat symbolizes purity and power. He also got his stethoscope, opthalmascope, and otoscope. He is constantly using these tools to make sure that we are healthy. Apparently though, Russell and I are lacking in the brain department because Travis's stethoscope did not detect any brain noises.

Russ got into my lipstick. It might look like he was trying to wear it, but he was only trying to eat it. Come on! Boys don't wear lipstick!!!

This is Russell waiting for Daddy to come home from school. At around 5:00 everyday he comes to the window to wait. On this day he decided to crawl into his hamper too.

This is Russ moldeling his new Sunday clothes. Aren't my boys so handsome!!!