Sunday, November 14, 2010

Halloween and such...

Russell stuck his hand on the hot stove and burned it pretty badly. Well, he learned his lesson I guess. The little stinker. This picture doen't even show the other two fingers.

Amity was a cute little cow for Halloween.

Russell was a super-hero.

Mity is starting to balance without holding on to anything. She is getting ready to walk. What a sweetie!

Russell has been really into tricks lately. He can do a flip on the tramp and the other day he actually did an aerial type thing. We were pretty impressed. But he did fall on his head a couple of times, so we told him that trick might be a little too advanced for him yet.

Russell has been saying a lot of funny things lately. The other day when we were at the fabric store, I let him sit at the catalog table and talk to another little boy while I browsed. Well, right as I was walking by, I heard him say, "I don't have a mother or a sister." Well, that is just great. Amity and I had been disowned, and we were in the same room as him!! And then the boy asked if he had any brothers, and Russ of course answered, "Yeah. 26 of them." His imaginary brothers are really getting on my nerves lately.

Then later at my dad's house, my dad popped out with his beloved Boise State hat on and said, "Russ! Look at my awesome hat!! The Boise State Broncos!!" And Russell said, "Grandpa, you are OBSESSED with that hat." I didn't even know he knew that word. We really have to watch it because he listens to every word we say!