Monday, June 13, 2011

Oh, YAKIMA, How I miss thee!

I missed some things about Idaho while I was in Yakima, but now it's my turn to miss Yakima.

A few things that I really miss:

-The delicious and abundant fruit, orchards, vineyards, berry picking, farmer's markets...on and on. Yakima is the fruit capital of the west.
-The early coming springs and long lasting falls. (Idaho has had much longer winters and crumbier springs than normal.)
-My old ward. Love my new ward too, but do miss our friends that took us in and made us feel important in Yakima.
-But most of all....

That little guy on the right. (Grant)

That little girl on the right. (Abbey)

And my medical school bestie, Kathryn. (I am NOOOOT photogenic. Especially when my hair is all greasy.) Anyway, the kids and I took a little trip to Yakima and got to visit our special friends, and we had so much fun. And while I was there, I noticed that Kathy's pins were stuck here and there all willy nilly all over her cute little craft room, so I made her this:

She kinda had a bird theme going on. A little birdie pin cushion. Free tutorial here.

But on the bright side, I have a beautiful yard here in Idaho. I mean beautiful.

And a sweet little girl to match.

Lots of these.


And these.

These were all over the prettiest little tree in the front.

A view from afar.

There is something so magical about perennials. You don't even do anything, and then suddenly flowers pop up everywhere, and it is spring.

Love it.


Saimi said...

Perennials are the only way to bloom!
I don't do any other kind of gardening unless its a vegetable garden!

The only other flower that I don't have that you have is the cute little one with the blue dress and polka dots! Must be a one of a kind!

Anonymous said...

We are so glad that you had the opportunity to go visit Grant and his family in Yakima....too bad it was before some of the fruit harvests. You could have brought some back with you. lol

Love the bird pin cushion.

Your yard is beautiful....and I have to agree with Saimi that the flower in the blue dress and polka dots is the best perennial around....we want one of those!

Love you

Bob, Jolene and Hayley